Tiny treats! 'Share' box of Choc sprinkles! Ideal for Miss You/Lots of Love etc. Personalise.

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If you need to say 'Love you chocs & chocs/miss you chocs & chocs/ A choc a day keeps the virus away!' etc why not send a cute little box of our 'Tiny treats'?

This is our new 'share box' size which is nearly three times the size of the little ones, so suitable for 3-4 people (depending on how many they eat!)

Inside the share box is a mix of strawberry chocolate hearts/white chocolate stars & milk chocolate discs - they taste gorgeous & look very sweet!

You can pick one of our slogans for the front of the card or if you want to put your own slogan just pick the 'personal message' option & we will do your message in the same style.

We can also put a message on the back of the card eg 'Lots of love Kate x'

Light pink gift box is approx 22cm x 16cm, weight approx 300g.
Designed & printed in the UK.

Can be sent direct to the recipient, or can also be wrapped if you choose the 'gift wrap option'

Designed & packed in the UK.
Eco friendly recycable packaging.


The front card message is up to you, here are a few ideas:

Chocs & chocs of love x
Miss you chocs & chocs!
A choc a day keeps the virus away!
Sprinkled with love x
Thank you very munch!
Merry Chocmas!
Own personal message - (If you want your own just send us the details - max characters 40)
Please email us your message after purchase:

We can also put a message on the back of the card eg 'love Kay & John x'

Eco friendly recycable packaging.


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